To Be Frank

by The Nice Ones

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Recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios in Millbrook, NY by Paul Orofino and The Nice Ones.


released April 26, 2013

All songs written by The Nice Ones.


Patrick Surdam: vocals, guitar
Sam McGarrity: guitar, vocals, keyboard
Dillon Morrison Halas: bass
Tyler Beaujon: drums, vocals

Additional vocals by Zach Rudes on tracks 4, 5 and 8

Mixed and mastered by Paul Orofino.

Album art by Patrick Surdam and Gabriel Napoleon.



all rights reserved


The Nice Ones Connecticut

4 scamps with big appetites

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Track Name: Carina
I met you at the ice cream stand
I shook your hand
And then Adam said to me
"Meet the lovely Carina"
But I know you by a different name
I been watching you

You're a frosty little art school girl
you drive a red car
And your lips are always thinking of me
At least they told me that they are
last night while I was dreaming of you
I was dreamin'
of Aurora
Now there are two
of you

Be careful who you talk to
you don't wanna believe what they may say
about me
I only wanted to see you fade in and out
who's your friend?
Is that Aurora?
I think I love her too


Im back now
sorry if I
Got a little excited
it happens when I walk past you two
I cant let you know though
that Im burning up
Track Name: Houses With Faces
There's faces on all the houses and they're all packed
with pasts
and the changing of the faces it happened oh so fast
haul me back to the streets where we used to go to church
where I never really felt like a part of the search
for your garden

(chorus one)
Hangin' around my home town
I've been putting it down now
and all I see are
faces they frown
I wanna take them down
and that's not how this was supposed to sound
I hear nothing now
I just want to see you, I just gotta see you
upside down

They're smug and they're smirk and they're going berserk
over what? I don't know
and now this time of year how the faces sure do glow
and it's clear that we all got a secret we all must play a hand
but now all of a sudden my secrets they seem in demand
tell me why

Hangin' around my hometown I see
Faces frown
and every one I know
and all you people that I meet
you're down on your knees
and I don't wanna go up to where you pray
cause I'm too afraid and I just want to see you just got to see you

I'm so sick of waiting, waiting for something to do
this boredom is evil just look at what it put me up to

(repeat first chorus)
Track Name: No Use
There isn't a lot to say
But we made quite a mess
She'll soon come back round our way
And it's better you confess

But you say you don't know who did it no
Or how it got this far
My momma knows when I've been hurt
Cause she asked to see the scar
oh the scar

In unison we're drilling holes
In each other's arms
Pretty soon we gonna melt the poles baby
They'll be no way to disarm
But I can't stand to hear you say
that you ain't got it all
and I can't stand to hear you say
That theres no use, theres no use, you're no use

Get out of, the way love
you can't be a hero
when the sun has blackened your eyes
they're your eyes

You don't wanna see
what'll happen in due time
no more will you tell me
that everything is fine all the time, all the time, all the time

Get out of, our way
there are no clouds
cause the sun has burned them away
And we're almost gone
so try now to sing along
before they go and drop a bomb
is there no talking to you? Not to you?
Track Name: My Marrow Moves
Oh I never claimed to care
of all your past lovers there
never said that I knew
I know that I ain't the first
to be sickened by desire's thirst
and I know that I'm screwed
I wish I were screwed to you

Cause when I see you something
In my marrow moves
I think about the warm blood of birds
Flying from my heart to yours (x3)
La de da de da
la de da de da

Babydoll when you're in the room
the juices of a citrus fruit I can taste in my mouth
won't you let me fly-south
And girl I know all the dead ends
I've partied with all of your friends
but I wished it was you
hold my head while I...puke

repeat chorus

By the time
You let me in to see

You and me will celebrate
all the things that we hate as we watch them die
from our memories-they'll die
And you and me can go on in
someday we'll be more than just friends
but its a hell of start

I dont care

chorus and out
Track Name: For One
And all at once
We froze for the sun
Came shining through the window
Through the window to the only one
I ever loved
Have you ever loved?

Someone so much that the world don't know how much it hurts just to
let them go
let them go

love someone so much that the world don't know how much it hurts just to let them

Golden, Heartbroken oh me, oh you

The day we met I buried it beneath
I shoulda said I shoulda made believe
Love it left quite a debt on me
and it left me waiting
I waited
For what was I waiting?

I waited

Couldn't be what you wanted me to be
then all I believed came crashing on me

Love it left
quite a debt on me
I shoulda said I shoulda made believe
The day we met I buried it beneath

a need

we gotta pay
we're gonna pay

We gotta pay 'em off
we shoulda paid 'em off
We're gonna pay 'em off
I shoulda paid 'em off
you shoulda paid 'em off

I shoulda paid 'em off
Track Name: The Kyrgyn
Sold! Like the city of gold
your hour glass is empty or your hour glass is half-full
what do you look at when you see me?
do you see me?

No! I ain't the one
they found me in the morning with the setting sun
asleep on the coast of a living hell
Is this how it's supposed to be? Oh well

I woke up and I was still 28
all pissed off and all irate
seems to me like we got a raw deal
I'm feeling like Howard Beale
or Hollis Brown I don't know
but theres a clown in town and he's a legend to the devil
I've had enough of the sideshow
had enough of the sideshow!

Don't punish me with your jealousy
Release me
Let me sanctify
If I sing her song now from sea to sea
Maria will watch over me

What's so funny man
I told you once I ain't got no money man
So much soul I've got so much soul
but rock and roll will never save your soul

Take your mistress to Vatican City
for a lethal dose of death and romance
Take your wife to Vegas and make her dance

dance with me

Go on living your life
I hope you live a long life
Track Name: To Be Frank
I want it so bad
The thing you said you had
I'd compromise my pride
In the blink of an eye

Frank said he'd take me out
out past the trees and the snow
He said there's something there
He just has to

I didn't want Frank to see
How I formulate hypocrisy
Cold and sick and wanting more
A little boy on the floor

This was the time when I was king
this was the time when I was a baby
Frank was somewhere in between
Frank was leading the way to me
He knows the science of abundance
The alchemy of tragedy
I was stuck in shameful silence
running out of blood to bleed

I still remember the day
when I wanted to be frank
I need be shown the way
show me a way

Somebody ought to come and take me from an undercover
the last thing I need is what I want I want another
I want to break it away
break me away

I still remember
Track Name: Maria
Deep in the forest is where her heart beats
I have been praying to wake from my sleep
but I'm not sure who's trying to awaken who
Is it me? Or is it you?
Prayer as placebo is nobody home?
Once you get the message just hang up the phone
My nightmare came true when I turned away from you
and I fell into blue
I fell away from you

Maria I'm waiting for you
Maria tell me it's true

Is it divine what I hide here inside?
I told them I know you but you know I lied
I've grown so tired of the sound of my own voice
I've but one, choice
Silence the demon that clamors inside
itching and scratching the thorns at my side
I lost control when my mind met my soul
in a deep dark hole
it was a dark blue soul

Maria I'm waiting for you
Maria tell me its true

Search for an answer
Born of a Cancer
With a soft bloody focus
I missed you the most
As time, we align
I cry my mind out!

Track Name: Black History
You're kidding yourself
thinking that you see me like you see me
and all the things that you said
Like the way you like how I act
I don't know better and she don't know better
So no one here is winning, can't you see?

My god don't love your god
and your god's not a man
Oh but you're not allowed to talk to my woman unless I'm holding her hand
I'm forced to love the one who knows the one about me
My story as it goes, I got a black history

(Its a black history)

You don't like me and I don't think I love you
but thats just fine you see, cause I'm not living proof
of anyone who has something
to advise you on in a matter of time
Whats the matter with you?
Is it time?

The master race is gonna pass us
pass us for a lap
oh and then she tells me how she loves me
but that she wants to take a nap
but I'd rather take a train, deep into my own brain
then sit here trying to think of things
to make you amused
to make you a muse

(to make you immune)

Theres a whisper across the wartime
the soldiers are setting up
the camps are now freezing
there's frost on the guns
And i don't really know where my water's come from
it might be full of lead
and theres a bullet made of heavy metal
screaming past my head

and I don't really care if I love anyone
I just want to survive
but can't you see that the morning's come
and you've been failing to thrive
oh but it's just fine
I don't think you know
how far we gotta go
and you better wake the fuck up
its really time to go
you better wake the fuck up!
(I'm not holding back for you)

It's not like I'm the only one
and its not like you're the only one
who's got a black history