Skinny Al Demo

by The Nice Ones

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released November 9, 2012



all rights reserved


The Nice Ones Connecticut

4 scamps with big appetites

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Track Name: Ty's Vision
Somethin rescued me from wandering
what lead me through the door
was a mystery
leave whoever you think you are
where you left your shoes
Cause baby you don't know a goddamn thing
bout why you got the blues
got the blues and I
got the blues and why

(let me tell you how it happens)

You medicate just to feel the pain
just go away
You spend your better days
just a livin' like a slave
it all goes to waste
so much goes to waste

I bet you wanna know now
how I got it down
on its knees for while
its been storming awhile
Twas the thick of the winter that made my head ring
January reckons I'll bring
a bag of bones
I was a bag of bones

chorus repeat

Then I heard somebody say
If you want it all you're bound to fall within
The company of slaves
That never knew that they could break away

They never knew
Track Name: My Marrow Moves
Oh I never claimed to care
of all your past lovers there
never said that I knew
I know that I ain't the first
to be sickened by desire's thirst
and I know that im screwed
I wish I were screwed to you

Cause when I see you something
In my marrow moves
I think about the warm blood of birds
Flying from my heart to yours(X3)
La de da de da
la de da de da

Babydoll when you're in the room
the juices of a citrus fruit I can taste in my mouth
wont you let me fly-south
And girl I know all the dead ends
I've partied with all of your friends
but I wished it was you
hold my head while I...puke

repeat chorus

By the time
You let me in to see

You and me will celebrate
all the things that we hate as we watch them die
from our memories-they'll die
And you and me can go on in
someday we'll be more than just friends
but its a hell of start

I dont care

chorus and out